I Have a Broken Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor

… and I am not pleased about it.

Got this Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor as a gift a few months ago, to replace an older model I’d had for a few years. It completely changed our world. Rather than transmitting a picture of just a portion of our toddler’s room, we could pan in all directions! The ability to talk to her through the handheld monitor portion was by far my favorite feature — I can’t tell you how many times I was able to tell her, “Go back to sleep, it’s too early!” and squeak another hour out of her (even if I was lying).

Now, the monitor is showing THIS:


Not ideal, not ideal at all.

It started in that upper-left corner with the triangle thingy. Then more and more lines branched out in both directions within a week or so, eventually filling the screen like this. The thick vertical bar was the last straw.

Summer Infant does not sell the handheld monitor part separately. You can buy replacement cameras and AC cords and rechargeable batteries, but you can’t get this one piece on its own. It was a gift, so I don’t have a receipt (I’ve checked with the gift giver). The box is long gone.

My choices would be either to buy a brand-new set (anywhere from $190 to $240, depending on the store/sale), or risk buying one from eBay that could have been tampered with or is used and possibly defective.

Because my phone time is limited during their customer service hours this week, I’ve sent a message to Summer Infant’s customer service department through the company’s website. I’m hoping they make it right, because less than six months with a monitor that costs $200 is ludicrous.

If they can’t make this right by offering to replace free of charge (the right thing to do) or at least offering me the chance to buy just this part at a reduced price, then my next baby video monitor will be from another company.

3 comments to I Have a Broken Summer Infant Baby Touch Video Monitor

  • I have the same problem. I have had my monitor for three months and have not used it all that much yet because my child is still sleeping in my room. I called Summers customer support line and they said it is not covered under warranty but I could buy a new monitor for $109. I personally don’t want to shell out $109 for it to happen again. Needless to say i am not pleased I bought such an expensive baby monitor.

    • Nicole

      @Sara: If you use Twitter or Facebook, try tweeting/posting to them through those outlets. When the complaints are public, they’re more likely to respond and do the right thing.

  • […] expressing my displeasure about my Summer Infant baby monitor breaking after just a few months and posting the link to my blog on Twitter and writing to them […]

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