Summer Infant Customer Service

After expressing my displeasure about my Summer Infant baby monitor breaking after just a few months and posting the link to my blog on Twitter and writing to them through their website, the company immediately responded. Besides the fact that the monitor broke pretty quickly, I was peeved that you couldn’t buy JUST the monitor to replace a broken one — you had to shell out almost $240 for an entirely new system.

After some back-and-forth, Summer Infant decided to send me a new monitor, despite not having a gift receipt or the box any longer. That’s some great customer service. I had the replacement monitor within a week. A good thing, too, as I couldn’t see our 2-year-old on the screen any longer.

I appreciate the faith they had in me, that my gripe was legitimate (it, of course, was). Of course, this gets them a little bit of good press, too.

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  • That’s good news. We had a monitor go bad (a connector fell off inside the unit), I can’t remember who it was made by (though I know it wasn’t summer) and since we had bought it through Costco, we were able to return it. We bought another one, also through Costco, though by that point they’d changed their offerings, and the one we bought has been OK. Nothing wrong with it, just not designed with the features or ease of use that the old one had.

  • I’m so old. The monitor we used when my daughters were born was a one-way audio unit. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it picked up noises from outside their window and we would wind up waking them up checking in on them.

    Glad your situation worked out!

  • Working with a sleeping trainer for my little angel my little boy was one of the happiest thing I could have done for both of us.

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