How I Save on Tolls

Ever drive out of your way to avoid tolls? I’ve been doing it for the better part of a decade.

I can get to work in about 25 minutes if I drive straight up the Parkway, but I hit two tolls: the entry toll plaza is 75 cents, and another toll of $1.50 at the exit toll closes to my workplace. The grand total: $2.25.

But there’s a work-around for that $1.50 toll — I can take another exit (with no toll) and avoid it by driving an extra 4 miles. It tacks on an additional 5 minutes to my commute, but if I’m not running late, it works well.

I have an alternate route, too: I can take the Turnpike, where the toll totals $1.15. And this doubles as the shortest commute to work, distance-wise, by a few miles.

Coming back home, there’s no $1.50 toll on the Parkway, so it’s my best route home — the Turnpike would be another $1.15 to get home, so I’m saving 40 cents.

What’s the furthest you’ve ever driven out of your way to save a buck?

Am I Back? Perhaps.

:::tap tap tap:::

Is this thing on?

Obviously, I’ve been neglecting this blog since baby number two was born, but here I am, in the flesh — er, keyboard. Heavens knows the last time I logged in. And forget about posting…

Perhaps I’ll start blogging again, although I haven’t been feeling very frugal lately. A family of four plus a mortgage in New Jersey is NOT CHEAP.

I’m working on cleaning things up, particularly that spam ad that seems to be deeply, DEEPLY embedded in my coding, but it may be beyond my expertise.