New York, New York.

Well, dear readers, it’s been a spell. Not much has changed since my last post, minus one significant alteration: I now work in the Big Apple.

Commuting to “the city” from Northern New Jersey is not for the weak. I don’t live in a town with Midtown Direct train service, so it’s more of a journey:

  1. Drive 12 minutes to commuter lot two towns over. Park and walk 1/4 mile to train station.
  2. Take train to terminus at Hoboken.
  3. Take PATH to World Trade Center.
  4. Walk 3/4 mile to office.

In total, it’s 90-plus-minutes door-to-door. I find it surreal to be in suburbia one minute, and two hours later I’m in New York City, somewhere I’ve never worked before.

Needless to say, it’s been quite a change, both financially and personally.

Financially because of the cost of commuting and the lunches I tend to buy there rather than schlepping 2-3 meals a day with me (depending on my shift). I buy a monthly train ticket, have the discounted PATH SmartLink card and mostly walk from WTC to the office. Occasionally I take the subway the rest of the way (inclement weather, mostly), but for just two stops and $2.75, it’s not something I do often.

Alternately, there are nights I work later and find it faster to take a NY Waterway ferry trip home. This is a faster option, but costly at $8 a ride.

Personally, because after four months, our two young daughters still haven’t gotten used to Mommy working “so far away” and not making it home for bedtime two or three nights a week.

I’m trying to bring as many meals in from home as possible to avoid that cost, but I’m still stunned by having any kind of food I want within walking distance. Hopefully the novelty will soon wear off.

If anyone has tips for keeping costs down, leave a comment!

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