Welcome to my little slice of the Internet! This is truly a “personal” finance blog about my life with my husband, who I’ll call Mr. Not-So-Frugal (Mr. NSF for short), our newborn daughter, Baby Frugalista, and our two cats, Krashy and Misfit. Readers will find posts on our own money matters, home improvement and commentary on the financial news of the day at The Penny Frugalista. I might talk too much about our new bundle of joy, but this is a dynamic blog, where the topics aren’t solely limited to theĀ  traditional aspects of personal finance.

Why The Penny Frugalista? Well, number one, I try to live as frugally as I can while still enjoying life. Number two, I have an affinity for pennies — to the point where Mr. NSF makes fun of me for picking them up when I find them on the sidewalk (or anywhere else). I’ve actually caught him throwing them out after getting change from the store! While he’s really not a spendthrift, he humors me by dealing with my sometimes overly-frugal ways, and I love him for it.