Would You Give Away $11.3 Million?

A retired Canadian couple won a $11.3 million lottery jackpot back in July. And now, in October, they have almost none of that windfall left for their own use. Why? Because they chose to give the majority of it away, reserving 2% of their winnings for their own savings.

Nova Scotia residents Allen and Violet Large, who are in their late 70s, won the money in July and immediately they started receiving phone calls from people asking them for money. (The nerve of some people continues to astound me.) They then decided that rather than possible be taken advantage of, they’d use their good fortune to help others in need.

First, they took care of family. Then, they made donations to a large number of charitable organizations. All this as the wife, Violet, was recovering from a round of chemotherapy. The pair have been excellent at saving their money prior to retirement and had no pressing need for the lottery winnings.

Off-topic: I’ll reserve judgment on the headline of the Yahoo article: “Nicest Canadian couple in the world dole out lottery winnings” — I’m not sure that the “world” is full of “Canadian” couples.

I don’t know if I — or anyone else I know, for that matter — would be that generous after winning millions of dollars. Sure, there would be some donations, and I’d love to pay off immediate family members’ debts, but give all of it away? I don’t think that would happen.

Would you be able to give $11.3 million away?