Budgeting for Baby

It’s truly time to do something I never do — write out a budget. On paper. Something we can try to stick to when the baby arrives and all of our spending priorities change.

Right now, our “budget” is in my head. I just know what we can spend, and what we can’t. We manage our finances well, so it’s not too difficult at the moment. Although I have been spending more on groceries lately, due to my voracious appetite.

But once diapers, doctors visits and all of the “preparatory” spending come into play, it’s a whole new ballgame. And then there will be infant daycare, the costs of which are going to be more than $1,000 a month, most likely. I’ll have to start pricing that out and making phone calls soon, too.

I have dreams of convincing the hubby to drop some of our ridiculous platinum-level Verizon FIOS features — the movie channels alone cost $30/month, but I know that’s Mr. NSF’s biggest interest. He doesn’t have hobbies, unless you call watching every move ever made a hobby. We do have four cable boxes. We can easily get rid of two of those, the basement and in the bedroom. That leaves our main television in the living room and the one in our four-season porch room, which is going to make a fantastic playroom, thanks to a door I can close and lock away all the toys and clutter — obviously, when the baby isn’t back there.

So I need to stop planning and start doing when it comes to this budget.

It’s incredibly humbling to know that every financial step — and misstep — that we make will have an effect on our daughter. And that encourages me to become even more frugal in our everyday lives, so that we can meet all of her needs and spoil her a bit.