Follow-up to Bally’s Sales Rep’s Slimy Tactic

In what may be the fastest response from a company ever, someone from Bally’s Total Fitness saw my tweet about the Bally’s sales rep blog post just hours after I put it up, and in a comment on that post, asked me to have Dee e-mail him with details about the situation. She did so, and later that day was on the phone with customer service explaining what had happened — that originally, a previous sales rep at our local Bally’s had told her she would be eligible for a free year of membership at the end of her multiyear contract, since she’d gotten a fellow co-worker to also sign up. When she went to collect that freebie year, the current Bally’s Total Fitness staff members told her there had been no such promotion, and that the original rep had (allegedly) lied to her about it.

While Dee had gotten 3 free months as “compensation” for what the staff told her was misinformation, after talking to customer service, she was told that it WAS a valid promotion at the time. And they awarded her the year she was entitled to — giving her a full 15 months of Bally’s membership, free of charge!

In the end, it seems that no one knew what the hell they were talking about.

I love it when companies rectify their mistakes. Too bad it takes a public forum (thank you, Internet) to get their full attention.