Biting the Bullet: New Living Room Furniture

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally ordered new couches for our living room, to replace a current furniture setup that looks like it belongs in a frat house. We have a small couch that’s only a few years old, but Mr. NSF loves to lay across it every evening, leaving no room for me (especially not for me AND my baby bump). Coffee table? We have one of those, lovingly being held together with silver duct tape, since one of the legs broke last year. And our TV stand was made for an old-school TV, not the 46-inch flatscreen currently perched precariously on top of it.

The couch we chose.

On Saturday, after talking about furniture for what seemed like forever (but was probably only 2 weeks in real time), we bit the bullet and ordered a couch and loveseat from a local furniture store. The two pieces will set us back about $1,250, which isn’t bad at all for custom pieces of furniture. Delivery is free, and the state sales tax is halved in the particular town where the store is located (these towns/cities in New Jersey are called Urban Enterprise Zones).

We picked a nice berry/wine color in order to provide some contrast to our cream-painted walls, and we’re told the order will take about 12 weeks to come in. Only 25% of the total price was required to place the order.

Next on the agenda is a new coffee table, a small end table to separate the couch and loveseat, and a TV stand (preferably a small entertainment center).

My main reason for wanting the new couch and loveseat is so we can all sit together in the living room to watch TV — comfortably. Especially once the baby comes — she’ll need some seating for herself when she’s older, too. Not that she’ll be watching a ton of television, if I have my way…

Our current couch will be moved into our back “bonus” room, where we only have a futon right now. So in reality, we’ll have two rooms with plenty of seating. The futon also doubles as an extra bed for when we have guests over.

I’m hoping this sofa and loveseat will last us 15 years — I think it will be well worth the price we paid if it does make it that long.