Save Money, Feed the Hungry

As I’ve probably mentioned a billion times before on this blog (and in real life to all my friends and family), I love a deal. And to get a deal, you have to do some research before buying. I’ve never been a spontaneous Sally — I need to find the best price AND, hopefully, a coupon or promo code before making a purchase, whether it’s clothes or a major appliance or a cable/internet/phone bundle (see our new FIOS contract triumph).

You have to really search well to find promotional codes for online retailers. Not all stores offer online discounts, but it can’t hurt to look.

There are also a number of websites that “collect” promo codes for a number of retailers in one place. Some of the more common ones include, and

But the one that’s most impressed me is a newer site called — for every coupon or discount code you use for one of their featured retailers, they donate a portion of their commission to feed hungry children. The company is family-owned and represents more than 5,000 merchants, and since October 2012, they’ve provided more than 95,000 meals to malnourished children through their nonprofit feeding partners.

I’ve found great coupons for discounts and free shipping for major department stores like Macy’s and Gap, and I’ve also come across other retailers we use, such as RadioShack and BestBuy.

So not only can you save money, you’re helping others. And I can get behind that.